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We are pleased to introduce United Civil Awakening Foundation (UCAF), a distinguished Public Community organization committed to addressing public and planetary needs through community-based action, preservation of values, and sustainable growth. UCAF is dedicated to forming collective contracts with local businesses and diverse organizations, creating an environment of accessibility, civic engagement, and global community values. Our primary focus is on empowering and supporting communities by offering real-world solutions, enriching experiences, and inclusive opportunities for shared success.

Welcome to a future where values thrive, and prosperity is cultivated.

Welcome to our family of prosperity.

Join our esteemed community of citizens and play an active role in bringing forth solutions that truly matter. Together, let us shape a world that embraces compassion, unity, and enduring prosperity for generations to come.

Climate Action & Sustainability

Health & Well-being Climate Action No Poverty Partnerships Applied Knowledge Innovative Industry & Infrastructure Zero Hunger Upholding Peace & Wellbeing Gender Equality Water & Sanitation Affordable & Clean Energy Progressive Work Flow & Economic Growth Equal Rights To Opportunity Sustainable Solutions for Cities & Communities Responsible Consumption Support Life Below Water Protecting our planet

U.C.A.F Operational Protocol

Our goals are to be a resource hub for public and planetary benefit, creating sustainable solutions to enact positive change in communities as a whole , bridging the world on innovation with critical learning practice and community engagement to create extraordinary volunteer experiences , all whilst creating a lasting impact for generations to come. As such, we have a host of many resourceful products, services, tools and mediums of such made accessible on every level of social interaction through expanded branches by which we operate from. As such, we serve as public support organization committed to empowering and strengthening all local communities, promoting and supporting the development of leadership , environmental/climate action and volunteerism. By working collaboratively, we hope to create thriving communities and inclusive governance where everyone can benefit from the power of collective contribution as a whole. Our organization offers a range of services to support individuals, including charitable donations/outreach, volunteering opportunities, awareness/ personal development, focused events, cultural and community activities, signposting services for health and wellbeing and much more... We are committed to helping people lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Join the initiative and help by being the solution in our world today!


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We know everyone comes from different backgrounds and experiences, share where you're from and what Good you would love to see? what would you like to see your community benefit from? It's easy Click Here to take our survey today.

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