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We are United Civil Awakening Foundation, a Public Corporate Entity focused on the conjugation of resources to support community-based values and growth. U.C.A.F forms collective unitary contracts with local and commercial businesses, providing incentives to pave the way for Civic engagements, model citizenship and assimilating the values of a global community. Our focus is on developing and supporting strong communities and powerful opportunities for all people to excel together.

Welcome to the future of Values. Welcome to our business of Prosperity.

Our mission is to encourage and incentives kindness and good will, through contributions, awards, benefits, success building, and resource collections. We aspire to be the uniting force in being a bridge of business, innovation, civil strategy, and public benefit. With our growing numbers, we are leaders in being a powerful force promoting model citizenship and good nature as a way of giving back for the benefit there of achieving "Sustainability" collectively.

Join our class of citizens in bringing the solutions that matter.

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U.C.A.F Operational Protocol

We serve as public support organization committed to empowering and strengthening local communities through promoting and supporting the development of leadership through Action and volunteerism. By working collaboratively, we hope to create thriving communities and inclusive governance where everyone can benefit from the power of collective contribution as a whole. Our organization offers a range of services to support individuals, including charitable donations/outreach, volunteering opportunities, awareness focus events, cultural and community activities, signposting services for health and wellbeing and much more... We are committed to helping people lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Join the initiative and help by being the solution in our world today!


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We know everyone comes from different backgrounds and experiences, share where you're from and what Good you would love to see? what would you like to see your community benefit from? It's easy Click Here to take our survey today.

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